Look Great. Feel Great.

Sadly, J Style Therapy is not accepting new clients at this time. Thank you for visiting my site and I  hope to be available soon.

Each of us deserves to look and feel our best… Not feeling it? How about considering a little J Style therapy?  My philosophy is simple, to develop one’s own true sense of style one must work from the inside out. As Coco Chanel so eloquently stated, “Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress”.

This is where J Style enters.  An image therapist of sorts, I work with the woman…and then the dress, offering a gentle, honest & wholistic approach to give you a more confident, stylish and happy YOU.  Schedule an Initial Consult today and learn more about what J Style Therapy can do for you!

J Style Therapy provides image therapy & consulting, closet organization,  personal shopping  and wardrobe styling services catered to you. Check out my services today and begin your new style journey.

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